Youth Education & Work

This initiative is to educate and empower primarily the youth of Lebanon.
Highlighting women leaders from various industries like women in medicine, women in fashion and design, women in business/diplomacy, women in the F&B field, and women in sports and entertainment; uniting them in one room and giving them the chance to share their story and their vision for one purpose. 
We aim to focus on the importance of women leaders in their respective fields and the magnitude of their impact on our communities and our daily life. This initiative is made to celebrate our women role models that have braved all obstacles, to show our audience that no matter how daunting the circumstances are, Lebanese women were and are able to brave them and create wonders. Especially for the Lebanese youth, this initiative is designed to bring them hope, teach them new skills, and hopefully provide them with some vocational direction in choosing their next steps in life.
The goal is to inspire young girls and women, from all walks of life to pursue their dreams while also showing them that the path to success is possible!
  • More information to be shared soon. Stay connected!