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At SFW, we took a step forward and thought about women’s leadership in our society and the role they play as leaders.

Despite all local and global progresses towards gaining gender equality, we are still lagging, women are still underrepresented, and their participation does not always reflect their real abilities.

Our leadership programs are guided by a will of empowering women and removing the obstacles they face to participate in social life.

Therefore, we provide trainings, workshops, coaching, and bootcamps. We also support the participation of rural women as their empowerment leads to transformational social and economic change at the heart of the society. 

Overview of

Stand For Women Workshops


Workshop engaged one Lebanese woman entrepreneur to benefit from a training and a mentorship that offer best practices for global trade and support women-owned businesses to sustain, to improve their logistics expertise and to expand their brands presence locally and internationally.


Launched by Intisar Foundation, was offered for 14 women affected by the Beirut blast. It is a multifaceted approach to treatment, it entails the use of theater, props and music which helps in the development of body awareness and improves communication skills, productivity and emotional capacity.


Training launched by Berytech and in collaboration with Expertise France. Was offered for two Lebanese women entrepreneurs helping them to challenge thecurrent situation.


Launched by DareWomen and offered for 5 Lebanese women entrepreneurs helping them to develop their employability and encouraging them to dare, speak out, assume their convictions and realize their dreams.


Training launched by the Swedish Institute and was offered for two Lebanese women entrepreneurs. It is a practical and hands-on leadership training based on real business experiences, collaborative learning and participant-centric design.

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