About SFW


Who are We?

Stand For Women is an Non-Governmental Organization, based in Lebanon, established in 2017. It advocates for women’s economic empowerment and gender equality across the Middle East, and champions sisterhood.

Governance, Guiding Documents

Stand For Women is a registered Association at the Ministry of Interior under number 2359, and at the Ministry of Finance under number 3400443.


Top Priorities

  • Strive for parity and equality among both genders.
  • Accelerate progress on meeting women’s needs and their integration in the workforce across the Middle East.
  • Raise awareness among women, men, and organizations on gender equality and the equal participation of men and women in the society.
  • Create workplaces where gender diversity based on merit is the norm.
  • Encourage women to take up leadership positions providing them with the coaching needed to feel empowered and able to thrive.

Our Objectives

Empowering women is our most foremost priority and therefore we work on empowering women on different levels:

  • Accelerate progress for women in the workforce by raising awareness about the importance of their roles in the growth of organizations.
  • Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5 & Goal #8 in Lebanon and the Middle East: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls by 2030; and more particularly, Goal #5.5: Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life.
  • Advocate change across all countries in the GCC, the Levant, and North Africa.
  • Rally Allies & Influencers: via interviews, thus providing in depth insight on women’s roles in the workforce.
  • Leverage research and data to assess and improve key gender metrics.
  • Provide in depth insight on women’s roles in the workforce.
  • Influence corporations to share gender data and to work on improving their gender balance.
  • Create awareness among women, men, and organizations for a better inclusion of women in Middle East society.
  • Helping Women Owned SMEs Through Their Expansion and Recognition thus providing workshops in partnership with other organizations so they can improve their skills in management, SEO, communication, etc..
  • Keep On Supporting Vulnerable Women-Led SMEs All Over Lebanon in order to ensure their business continuity in response to the multiple crises.
  • Support Women in Leadership, since Female Entrepreneurs are of Critical Importance in our Economic Recovery: They need resources helping them to grow, sustain their businesses, preserve their employees and cre- ate job opportunities. Also they need to promote their products and services, acquire new brands and expand their consumers base. We will facilitate the connection between the businesses and the investors for a local and foreign market expansion, and we will provide the networking among the businesses so they can learn from one another, exchange and share their expertise and know-how.
  • Provide Women in Corporates with Coachingin order to acquire better leadership positions.
  • Fight Against Period Poverty through our Initiative Partner Wing Women by offering reusable pads for vulnerable women. Thus, we’ll end up providing users with wellbeing and tailors with jobs creation.
Stand for Women

Business Statement


Our vision is to strive for parity and equality among both genders across in an environment free of discrimination and violence.


Our values are :  Economic Empowerment, Sisterhood, Leadership, and Sustainability.



Our mission is to nurture and create awareness among women, men, and organizations in order to instill positive changes within the workforce.