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Intisar Foundation

At SFW we have offered support to corporations seeking to improve their gender diversity.

Drama Therapy with Intisar Foundation was offered to 14 women that were affected by Beirut blast. This therapy consists of a treatment approach using theatre and music improving communications skills, productivity, emotional capacity as well as helping with the development of body awareness.

Dare Women

Dare Women have offered individual and collective coaching workshops for 5 Lebanese women entrepreneurs helping them improve their employability and develop their interpersonal skills to reach their goal.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

SFW has collaborated with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom to offer Digital Marketing and E-commerce workshops


Tomkeen Marketing Agency provided free advertising vouchers on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms to 10 Lebanese women entrepreneurs from different business sectors to help them enhance their business strategy.

Fast Forward 2030 & Socialprise

Under the Flash Forward program, SFW in cooperation with Fast Forward 2030, a financial grant combined with a basic digital marketing training delivered by Socialprise Marketing Agency, was offered to 11 women-led businesses helping them cover employee bonuses, stocks and equipment purchases and in some cases the acquisition of new brands.

Google My Business

In collaboration with Google My Business, 90 women-led SMEs were located on Google Map, to help increase their market share and brand awareness.

L'Oréal Paris & Abaad Organization

“Stand Up Against Street Harassment” International Training was held in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris and Abaad Organization, for more than 70 women-owned businesses along with their employees.

A program where you can learn how to safely intervene, if witnessing or experiencing street harassment, through the “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” International Training was held “5D” methodology: Direct, Delegate, Document, Distract, Delay.

Beirut Marathon

Additionally, with Beirut Marathon 2021 and 2022, Women’s Race took place on May 23rd, all the proceeds of the race went to help women-led SMEs all over Lebanon and those located in rural areas.


More than 270 women-led SMEs were engaged into Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Business Development, Capacity Building and Crisis Management Workshops in collaboration with Google, the Swedish Institute, Berytech and many others.


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